Although there are numerous channels sms api available to survey your customers, SMS is one of the quickest ways to reach out to them. Therefore, it should be a part of every marketing strategy that can help you enhance certain aspects of your business and satisfy your customer’s needs. According to Gartner, SMS is considered as the top 4 most-adopted mobile marketing tactics.

In SMS Surveys, web links are sent along with a message to the target audience via SMS (short message service). For instance, you can send surveys to customers after every interaction to know their insights about your products and services. 8 Benefits of Using SMS Surveys

Acquiring online or in-person customer feedback can be a challenging task, especially if your customers don’t have sufficient time to open their emails or have one-on-one communication with the customer rep over a phone call or chat session. In such scenarios, it’s best to make use of SMS Surveys, where they can access the surveys in their phone browser and complete them as per their convenience. Some other benefits of SMS Surveys are: 1. Cost-Effective Tool

It requires only a few cents per message to create an SMS campaign as compared to other types of surveys. Plus, it’s easy to send text messages and survey links to bulk contacts. Due to higher open rates, it’s an effective marketing tool to collect customer feedback and know their concerns. Study shows that open rates for text messages are 98%. 2. Easy Setup Process

It can take a lot of time to send surveys manually. But with the help of SMS Survey software, you can use in-built survey templates or create customized surveys via WYSIWYG survey builder as well as schedule them with less time and effort. You also get an option to modify the text message as per your requirement to let your customers know the purpose of the survey. 3. Instant Way to Get Feedback

Most of us have the habit of carrying mobile devices with us all the time, and our customers are no different. Whenever we receive any SMS, the first natural reaction is to open it immediately. According to Mobilesquared, mobile users open 90% of the messages within the first 3 minutes. So, this is another strong reason that depicts SMS is a perfect platform for conducting surveys and capturing instant feedback.

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