Arguably, the most potent part of affiliate marketing strategy for newbies is to have a solid affiliate buy jeeter cartridges online selection. When referring to ClickBank specifically, anyone (including you) can be overwhelmed by the amounts of products shelving on the marketplace itself. You cannot afford to wrongly pick a product to promote because a poor product won’t solve people’s problem (remember the principle why we want to be an affiliate; to help people, not to scrape money all the way) and just because a product is so popular on ClickBank, doesn’t mean that the product is fit for a newbie to promote.

After miles of article and forum readings be it online and offline, I recognized that there are general criteria set by experts and advanced affiliate marketers that ensure the products they promote will bang in their market audience regardless of their niche positioned. The criteria also somewhat correspond to what my internet marketing guru taught me in many classes held.

Below would be me my personal criteria when picking up a product that I want to promote. Kindly note that the criteria mentioned are solely of my humble knowledge and through hours of comprehensive reading. I’d welcome positive comments if you have any, so it may serve as a guideline to me and newbies out there:

1) Kick off your campaign promoting a niche of your interest or expertise yet can be monetized while at the same closely converging it to the big three niche; wealth, health and relationship. The three niches mentioned are widely accepted as the evergreen of affiliate marketing but are jam packed with skilled and more experience marketers. Furthermore wealth niche in particular would require you to have considerable amount of proof attributed to your affiliate success, so don’t ever sell lies to your potential customer in the first place (by clipping some doctored ClickBank income or fake cars). Don’t go however for a niche that may have astounding searches on Google but little people are keen to actually spend on it. Once you have developed your maturity and authority in your newbies niche then you can start digging into the big three. These three niches have the biggest pool to monetize, so don’t waste your time drifting into a niche so detail that actually has little to no money making potential. Forget about level of competition momentarily because every niche has competitors lurking anyway. Example: if you are an avid violin player, why not start your affiliate business in violin e-course or selling violin music sheets for starters. This way, not only you know what to say about you are also building your authority faster. Plus buyer will trust you better. The key here is to start with something you are well versed with and knowledgeable about.

2) Take time when finding and assessing any product offered on ClickBank. Select and weigh products of similar niche then filter into more detailed criteria. We want a quality product that solves problems with the fastest and the most effective result. You can’t beat the nature of being human itself; we want a fast yet simple solution. Furthermore, you want to avoid after sales issues (refund especially) as a result from promoting poor product. To identify, a good product always comes with good review. Check out the product review on Google; type product name + review to get overall perception of the product. If the search engine results page (SERP) returns with product advertisements, better but try to avoid it as it may be too competitive for beginners. You may want to scout merchant’s sales page too. If merchant’s sales page able to negate every doubt prior to purchasing, that’s the winner. Don’t go for a sloppy furnished site that has little proof, testimonials and/ or no guarantee.

3) Look for a reputable vendor/ merchant. A vendor/ merchant is the product owner of the product you are promoting. A good vendor would likely support its affiliates better, usually with marketing tools (solo ads, article review transcripts, etc.) that would be very helpful for newbies. Reputable vendor also means that you are going to ensure your product you are promoting is going to run on a long term rapport because we want to have the product running on auto- pilot mode later on. See if a vendor is contactable through email and observe vendor’s promptness, transparency and readiness. If the merchant happens to have seasonal newsletter, subscribe to it so the vendor can assist you in marketing strategies or useful tips. If vendor responds poorly, you can likely tell vendor after- sales response and friendliness. Better yet, browse through vendor’s profile on Google to get clearer insight of the vendor.

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