Books play an important role in shaping un curso de milagros students and their careers. It’s not just the course books that help students move forward but other books as well. Books give knowledge which cannot be imparted from people in real life as the number of people you meet in life is limited while the number of books you can read is not limited. Therefore, fiction and non-fiction play an important role in one’s life, helping one make hard decisions and learn from others.

Dale Carnegie has beautifully penned the book. This book, as the name suggests, will help you in networking when you go abroad. Going abroad for further studies is not an easy task. Making friends and contacts is an important task if you want to survive in another country. You’d need to understand their culture and lifestyle via communication. Then, you will make new friends, influence people, and make a strong community there.

The author of this book is Paulo Coelho. This book deals with a boy who searches for treasure from Spain to the Pyramids of Egypt. Along the way, he finds various characters with whom he interacts and finally reaches his destination. However, after reaching where he wanted to, he realizes something strange and eye-opening.

It’s a highly recommended book for the students as it is a short read and they will learn some great lessons that they’d have missed during their studies.  

Robert T. Kiyosaki writes this book. This book deals with the story of Robert growing up with two dads – one, his real dad, and the other, his best friend’s dad – the “Rich Dad.” This book will help you differentiate between “poor” thinking and “rich” thinking. Students can use this book to accumulate riches in life as it tells you the path to attain great riches with a positive attitude.

This is the best philosophical book you’ll ever read. It can be classified as one of the best books for students. Though it is fiction, it is such a thriller you will be amazed to read it and grasp all the lessons it’ll give you on a platter.

This is the story of a young architect Howard Roark and Dominique Francon, the exquisitely beautiful woman who loved Roark passionately. The author, in this book, will provide you with a lesson that man’s ego is the fountainhead of human progress. There have been accolades this book has garnered, and you must give this a shot.  

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