You can still get guaranteed approval credit cards for bad credit even though you have poor credit history. Many cloned credit cards uk companies provide credit cards with guaranteed approval for bad credit to help you improve your credit rating and at the same time enjoy the benefits of the credit cards. The limit for credit cards for bad credit varies from company to company. It is generally in the range between $5,000 and $10,000.

Application for bad credit credit cards usually does not require credit check. You are approved regardless of income or credit history. Credit cards for bad credit, however, generally have higher annual interest rates than regular credit cards. This is obviously something you should consider when selecting the best credit card for bad credit. Compare some variables such as enrolment fee, APR, credit limit, and any benefits: emergency cash transfer, extended warranty protection, etc.

Companies providing credit cards for people with bad credit provide monthly reports to major credit bureaus, the institutions that maintain credit history of millions of people around the country. Credit card companies usually have an integrated system that connects to these bureaus to verify the credit rating of people applying for bad credit credit cards. By making regular payment to your bad credit credit card you are automatically improving your credit history. Try to make at least minimum amount to your credit card before the due date. After some time you will become eligible for normal credit cards and receive the benefits of good credit standing.

Before applying for bad credit credit card you should be clear on the purpose of getting it. Have you already gone over-limit on your current credit cards and need a new one? Or are you applying for bad credit credit card to fix your current credit score? You should also compare various offers from credit card companies to ensure that you get the best one you need. Evaluate every item in the offer and read all terms and conditions. Often some credit cards for bad credit have hidden costs and can become very expensive in the future.

When you are ready you can fill in an application for bad credit credit card. Online application usually takes a few minutes only and you will receive an answer for your credit card request within hours of submitting.

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