Even visitors and tourists in England are fascinated by the pub culture,Popular Food and Drinks Served in British Pubs Articles and want a piece of the excitement when they visit, to taste the fantastic food and drinks offered by them and experience the unique atmosphere of a buy pappy van winkle. Many Britishers take part in this pub culture over the weekends with their family and friends, to enjoy a bit of fun, rest and relaxation with their favourite food and drink. Downing a good Craft Beer in London has become a tradition these days with the advent of this revolutionising new beverage created by true artisans of craft spirits.

Pubs serve their own type of food and beverages, which have become very popular fare over the years with those who indulge in this pub culture. The delicious and famous dishes offered at pubs include:

Sunday Roast – A selection of either roasted chicken, beef, lamb or pork served with roast potatoes and gravy, and a mix of boiled vegetables. Although it is referred to as a Sunday Roast, most pubs offer it on other days of the week as well, and is usually a lunch time favourite.
Steak & Kidney Pie – You can’t get more British than a Steak & Kidney Pie, which is a savoury pie with a filling of diced beef, kidney, onion and brown gravy (the most important part of it), and is usually served with vegetables.
Bangers & Mash – Another British favourite of mashed potato and sausages, with that all important gravy of course! Usually, the type of sausage used may vary from pub to pub, but it is indeed a warming and filling dish that is very popular indeed.
Fish & Chips – You haven’t truly feasted on British fare if you have not tried a pub Fish & Chips. Beer batter fish served with chips on the side together with creamy tartare sauce makes for a delicious meal over the weekend.
Fisherman’s Pie – For those who prefer fish over meat, a must try is the British pub Fisherman’s Pie, which is smoked white fish, hard boiled eggs and prawns in a cheesy white sauce, and baked topped with mashed potatoes. This dish is usually served with fresh garden peas.
Toad in the Hole – No frogs or toads are harmed in the making of this dish! This is simply sausages baked in Yorkshire pudding batter and served with lots of gravy and fresh vegetables.
Ploughman’s Lunch – A simple, yet delicious favourite for lunchtime is the Ploughman’s Lunch, consisting of a cold platter of cheese, pickles and fresh crusty bread, served with a side of apple, eggs, or ham, or even pickled onions.
Vegan dishes – For the vegetarians and vegans out there, many pubs these days offer vegan options of classic meat dishes, which are both delicious and innovative. Nut Roasts served with onion gravy, Battered Tofu and Chips are just some of the options offered by pubs.
Desserts – No meal will be complete without an indulgence in a delicious dessert, right? Pubs offer a variety of ice creams and sweet dishes, of which some of the favourites are Treacle Pudding, Apple Crumble, Cheesecake and Knickerbocker Glory.

Pubs also offer much smaller appetizers for nibbling with your drinks such as Pork Scratchings, Scotch Eggs, Prawn Cocktails, Pate and Toast, Grilled Mushrooms on Toast, Whitebait and of course different varieties of Soups to simply warm you up on a cold day.

The main ingredient of pub culture of course are the drinks! Here are some of the favourites to be served in pubs across Britain:

Cider – Sparkling apple and pear ciders are a favourite mild drink among pub goers, especially among the ladies and younger men.
Lager – These pale beers are some of the top favourites among pub visitors.
Wine – Drinking wine has been popular for many years and doesn’t seem to be diminishing any time soon. A favourite among the ladies and to pair with meals, pubs serve an array of choices in terms of red, white and rosé wines.
Ale – Craft Beer in London and elsewhere offer some exquisite IPA’s and Ales which are topping charts among favourites these days.
Gin & Vodka – Gin and vodka are very popular among those looking for something a bit stronger than a wine or beer, and can be served neat or as a cocktail (or a G&T in the case of Gin).
Stout – A dark coloured beer that is a favourite among the older generations.
Cocktails – Alcohol induced cocktails are a firm favourite among pub goers.
Soft Drinks and juices – Cola and many other soft drinks are a popular drink in pubs among those who are not too inclined towards alcoholic drinks, as are fresh juices.

If you are visiting Britain or are a native, then participating in a weekend pub exploration is a must, and definitely trying out the exquisite food and drinks they have on offer is an experience all on its own. If you are doing a pub round this weekend, don’t forget to try out some Craft Beer in London or elsewhere, with their wide range of flavours and aromatic experiences. You will surely not be disappointed!

Wondering where you can find Craft Beer easily? Try searching for ‘Craft Beer near me’ on your phone or smart device and you will easily be able to find a pub close to you that serves Craft Beer and other craft spirits as well. Even though craft spirits may be more expensive, they are certainly worth the money you pay for them for the flavourful experience. Plus, don’t forget that they generally have a higher ABV which means that you don’t need to drink as much to get a kick out of it.

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