When you are practicing blowing smoke rings, you are going to want to use cigarettes or cigars that have tightly packed tobacco. In most cases, you will find that the cigars have tobacco packed perfectly for blowing IGET Hot Flavours rings. It is richer and thicker than you would find with a light cigarette and is more easily held in the mouth. If you have cigars or cigarettes that are not packed as tightly, you can pack them tighter yourself by tapping on the mouth end.

The first thing that you will want to do is to light the cigar, preferably using cigar lighters as this will ensure that you evenly light the entire tip of the cigar. You will then take a large drag from the cigar and take in as much smoke as is comfortable. You will hold this in the top front part of your throat. It may take you a little while for you to get used to this, as it is different from the normal manner in which you smoke.

Next, you want to press your tongue downward and form your lips into the shape of an “O”, as though you were going to say “ooh”. Try to keep the shape wide while still holding the smoke in your throat. Again, this is something that will come with practice. When you have the shape formed, you can then push small puffs of smoke toward the front of your mouth. It helps if you imagine that you are saying “uh” silently while you are doing this. This will then send those small smoke puffs out of your mouth and they should form rings that float gently away.

As you can see, blowing smoke rings is not as simple as just blowing smoke through your mouth. It takes some practice and some time to get the technique down just right. When you have figured it out, you will find it can be a very impressive trick to show your friends when you are down at the local cigar bar or playing poker at the house.

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