Deeply delicious dark MUSHROOM CHOCOLATE BARS , melt in the mouth milk chocolate and wickedly whipped white chocolate, the sensuous taste of good quality chocolate is one of life’s small pleasures. Chocolate, or the best quality chocolate, is a taste to be savoured, a pleasure to be enjoyed slowly, lingered over on your own or with a special person.

My personal favourite is dark chocolate, 85% cocoa solids from a well known organic brand which I dare not mention, straight up or with a twist of ginger or gold leaf. Fantastic to eat a square at a time or for an extra special treat to leave on the tongue whilst taking a sip of malt whisky. Heavenly.

Turning chocolate in to ice cream should be straight forward but for some reason it isn’t. It is incredibly difficult to get that rich chocolate taste in your homemade ice cream. For that reason I often use the same simple recipe as a base to create many different chocolate ice creams.
In this article I show you a simple but gorgeous recipe that is easy to make and with just a few tweaks can easily be turned in to seven heavenly ice cream desserts. Below is the base recipe which is absolutely delicious in it’s own right. Following on from this are the brief notes to create 6 different chocolate ice creams, one for each day of the week. I hope that you enjoy them all.

Aside from promoting a healthy heart, chocolate has been found to add to the production of hormones and other chemicals in the body as well. In healthy people, dark chocolate helps combat insulin resistance. Insulin sensitivity prevents cells from using insulin to aid in turning blood sugar into energy. The health benefits of chocolate also aids in creating serotonin – the body’s natural anti-depressant. It also adds to endorphin production which makes the body feel pleasure.

To make sure you get all the health benefits of chocolate remember to practice healthy snacking. Snacks are a great way to glide from meal to meal. Limit yourself to no more than 150 calories of dark chocolate daily, which is about 1 ounce. Chocolate is considered a high calorie food and its addicting taste can easily destroy all the hard work of dieting.

It is also a good idea to stick to a solid dark chocolate bar, where chocolate nutrition [] would be maximized, instead of one filled with caramel or nougat. If you find a solid bar boring, eating one with nuts is OK. Anything else added to your snack is not necessary

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