A uplive top up 4.5 million volt stun gun is shockingly effective indeed. This works as a great pun, but also as an easily provable statement. There are two sides to this type of self-defense product that I would like to touch on briefly. First, many people underestimate the value of being able to recharge a stun gun by just plugging it into a household outlet. Second, it is too easy to underestimate the effectiveness of 4.5 million volts when it comes to dropping a body to the ground, even if that body weighs 300 lbs.

Having a rechargeable 4.5 million volt stun gun allows you to avoid 2 inconveniences that come with most self-defense products: These are 1) shelf-lives and 2) batteries. Now, of course every rechargeable battery will eventually run to the end of its useful life also, but the time it will last is significantly longer. An average pepper spray has a shelf-life of roughly 3 years, and contains roughly 6 one-second squirts per ounce. I would recommend replacing stun gun batteries after 3-5 years, or 50-100 one-second bursts.

However, if you have a rechargeable stun gun, I wouldn’t worry about it for 20 years, plugging it into the wall every few months to keep it juiced up and ready to go. You can probably think of it as this: You likely won’t buy a new one because it stops working, but rather because you now want the 1 billion volt version! If you’re concerned about your battery dying in a life-threatening situation, keep in mind that the electric charge will get noticeably weaker as the battery gets near its useful life. That being said, just test fire it every now and then (hold it down for about 1 second).

The above paragraph discussed the benefits of being able to recharge your stun gun. Now let’s look at what 4.5 million volts really means. Today, low-end products still run at 100,000 volts. Even this low of voltage will do the trick and drop someone to the ground; it will just take a little longer. In the world of electric circuits, wattage is the power, and most stun guns are roughly the same wattage. Voltage is the pathway that allows the power to get to work. The higher the voltage, the faster those watts can do their work. Where a 100,000 volt stun gun may take 5 seconds to drop a large man, a 4.5 million volt one will drop him instantly!

As time goes on, higher and higher voltage stun guns will become available on the market; it’s just like computer speeds. And, in general, all technology products see this constant improvement without drastic change, making preceding products obsolete. In 20 years, there may be some self-defense weapon that wraps your attacker in a stasis field. But the bottom line is this: We know a rechargeable 4.5 million volt stun gun will 1) drop your attacker instantly, and 2) last and work for a long time to come. If you’re considering what to do for basic self-defense and keeping yourself safe, take this into consideration.

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